10 Tricks To Make Your Amateur Videos Look Professional

The secret to making your amateur videos look professional is not nearly as much about the video gear you are using as it is the technique. A lot of the amateur filmmakers today don’t necessarily have all the fancy equipment and gear to make perfect quality videos, but it’s not the equipment that makes the videographer, vlogger or YouTube personality – many are simply using their mobile phones to make a great video. There are certain tricks that you can use to make your amateur videos look professional as discussed in the video from Griffin Hammond (who made an excellent documentary about Sriracha) below. With these ten tricks, you can take a bad video and make it look much better. Continue reading “10 Tricks To Make Your Amateur Videos Look Professional”

How to Write Powerful Scripts for Short Marketing Videos

In today’s hurried life, more and more people crave instant gratification in every aspect of their lives, including the videos they watch. Videos created for video marketing purposes need to be short and punchy, which often creates a challenge writing a script that communicates the call to action (CTA) and compels the viewer to move through the marketing funnel in the shortest amount of time.

One of the most important elements of a great marketing video is a solid script to accompany it. – L. Scott Harrell

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Get Better Audio While Shooting Video With a Smartphone or Tablet

Everyone is shooting video with their smartphones, mobile cameras, iPad and tablets these days but often forget that audio is as important as video quality; getting better audio on any mobile device, however, can be a real challenge.

Nowadays, most mobile devices, like cellular smartphones, iPads, and tablets have an excellent video camera and recording features that allow you to record high-quality videos with a minimum of 720p HD resolution. These features allow almost anyone with a recent mobile device to record anything that he wants in glorious high definition and actually make the video look pretty close to professional with a little proper filming technique that is easy to learn. Continue reading “Get Better Audio While Shooting Video With a Smartphone or Tablet”

How to Take Great Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Device

You can shoot great video on your mobile phone without a video crew or a studio full of equipment and still get professional quality video. Sure, a crew of video professionals and high-quality gear can help, but fear not! These aren’t necessary to shoot great videos. In fact, capturing footage on your phone is not only efficient (anywhere, anytime… ) but can also lend an authentic feel that really resonates with potential clients through your video marketing efforts. Continue reading “How to Take Great Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Device”

Video Storytelling: What It Means (And How To Nail It)

Video content is undoubtedly the darling of the digital marketing world. Even though we’re firmly in the era of YouTube, Netflix, and even Twitch, people still can’t get enough video content — and the creative freedom of the format makes it possible to entertain, engage and promote to an extent that’s brutally hard to achieve through text, imagery, or even audio.

You can get results through basic promotion, of course, using video to simply showcase products, relay expert advice, or hype upcoming events. But that’s not all you can accomplish with video. In fact, it’s even better suited to storytelling — something that brings people together and communicates emotion more strongly than anything else. Continue reading “Video Storytelling: What It Means (And How To Nail It)”

Shooting Real Estate Video – 9 Tips to Make Your Property Shine

When you are selling a property, creating a real estate video is key! Today, more and more sales professionals are relying on a solid, quality video to highlight unique features of a property in order to sell it. A real estate video can be ‘homemade’ or produced by hiring a freelance videographer professional. Either way, the following 9 tips for shooting real estate video will to help you improve your video’s quality and effectiveness when using video marketing to sell property. Continue reading “Shooting Real Estate Video – 9 Tips to Make Your Property Shine”