How to Shoot Macro Photography on Your Smartphone

A clip-on lens for your smartphone instantly transforms it into a mini-microscope that will show you the world as you’ve never seen it before. One click and you can photograph it, too. It’s a great and inexpensive hobby for adults and a wonderful way to encourage children’s curiosity and zest for learning.

The clip on lens I used on my Android S7 Edge to take the photo at the top of this post only costs $20.99 via Amazon…

Clip-on lens kits for smartphones are widely available, for a surprisingly small amount of money. A basic kit that includes a macro, fish-eye and wide-angle lens costs around ten dollars, Continue reading “How to Shoot Macro Photography on Your Smartphone”

Travel Photography Preparation and Basic Camera Maintenance

One of many complications that inherently come with travel is the burden of keeping everything you bring safe, functional and undamaged. Cameras and equipment can be of particular concern, as you will want to have the ability to capture the adventure and take it home with you. In the following travel photography tips I’m going to share with you a few precautions that you can take to ensure the safety and functionality of the camera and equipment you bring along. Continue reading “Travel Photography Preparation and Basic Camera Maintenance”