Get Better Audio While Shooting Video With a Smartphone or Tablet

Everyone is shooting video with their smartphones, mobile cameras, iPad and tablets these days but often forget that audio is as important as video quality; getting better audio on any mobile device, however, can be a real challenge.

Nowadays, most mobile devices, like cellular smartphones, iPads, and tablets have an excellent video camera and recording features that allow you to record high-quality videos with a minimum of 720p HD resolution. These features allow almost anyone with a recent mobile device to record anything that he wants in glorious high definition and actually make the video look pretty close to professional with a little proper filming technique that is easy to learn. Continue reading “Get Better Audio While Shooting Video With a Smartphone or Tablet”

How to Take Great Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Device

You can shoot great video on your mobile phone without a video crew or a studio full of equipment and still get professional quality video. Sure, a crew of video professionals and high-quality gear can help, but fear not! These aren’t necessary to shoot great videos. In fact, capturing footage on your phone is not only efficient (anywhere, anytime… ) but can also lend an authentic feel that really resonates with potential clients through your video marketing efforts. Continue reading “How to Take Great Video with Your Smartphone or Mobile Device”

How to Shoot Macro Photography on Your Smartphone

A clip-on lens for your smartphone instantly transforms it into a mini-microscope that will show you the world as you’ve never seen it before. One click and you can photograph it, too. It’s a great and inexpensive hobby for adults and a wonderful way to encourage children’s curiosity and zest for learning.

The clip on lens I used on my Android S7 Edge to take the photo at the top of this post only costs $20.99 via Amazon…

Clip-on lens kits for smartphones are widely available, for a surprisingly small amount of money. A basic kit that includes a macro, fish-eye and wide-angle lens costs around ten dollars, Continue reading “How to Shoot Macro Photography on Your Smartphone”