Drone Business Ideas for Marketplace Websites

A common misconception is that you have to form a full-time business in order to find opportunities to make money with your drone. This isn’t true. There are literally dozens of drone business ideas out there for even part-time video entrepreneurs. Freelance UAV pilots and aerial filmmakers are making money with drones even outside of the traditional businesses while selling their services through online marketplaces. Continue reading “Drone Business Ideas for Marketplace Websites”

Taking Pictures of Animals – Pet and Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks

Do you like taking pictures of animals, your own pets or of the wildlife while you travel? Personally, I love the unpredictability that taking pictures of animals and wild creatures creates; they usually do not afford me the opportunity to manipulate or pose them in any sort of way in order to get the very best, or idealized shot possible. While everything usually goes out the window in terms of controlling your environment, lighting, angle, etc., there are still a few great tips to keep in mind before you try to get your shot. Continue reading “Taking Pictures of Animals – Pet and Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks”

Travel Photography Preparation and Basic Camera Maintenance

One of many complications that inherently come with travel is the burden of keeping everything you bring safe, functional and undamaged. Cameras and equipment can be of particular concern, as you will want to have the ability to capture the adventure and take it home with you. In the following travel photography tips I’m going to share with you a few precautions that you can take to ensure the safety and functionality of the camera and equipment you bring along. Continue reading “Travel Photography Preparation and Basic Camera Maintenance”